HOLY SMOKES - an raw & real interview of your yoga teacher!

October 17th, 2015

Leah & Uluru.jpg

Close to two years ago a young man stepped into my hot power yoga class at Waltham Yoga to try a practice he'd heard balances and transforms those who show up consistently. He's one of many students I've loved getting to know and to watch the progression of greater strength & flexibility happening class by class...

So inspired by the practice, Paul has not only become a teacher of it; he's sharing all about his passion for yoga through his incredible site devoted to all things yoga.

I'm so totally honored to have had him reach out to blog about the how's , what's and why's of my transition from Software sales to yoga - thank you, Paul Giese for creating a space for me share raw and real!  Just click on the hyper link below

"Building Strength and Wisdom through Yoga, an Interview with Leah Croteau"