A Wall Street Home Humbled Through Om

After 8 years of enterprise software sales filtered with an unrelenting desire for something I couldn't quite put words to; I'd been humbled.. I was willing to try new ways.  In 2011 the firey sales woman & tenacious athlete in me began showing up to hot power yoga in New York City.  Consistent practice molded my thoughts of building physical strength and flexibility to cultivating a deep and powerful inner strength. Within a short time the  overwhelming fervent longing to put my heart into a career of purpose and meaning guided me from executive enterprise software sales to teaching a practice that has forever changed my life.

Immersed in a life of wellness completed a 200 RYT certification under the training of a Boston’s Best, David Vendetti, co-owner of South Boston Yoga.  My classes have strongly been influenced by David, Jacqui Bonwell, Rolf Gates and the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar, Tony Robbins, Peak Potentials and countless others.  I continue to soak up knowledge and perspectives from many books & the many teachers of my life from my siberian husky, my family, to my students and to those brief encounters with people or life circumstances where an ah ha moment surfaces to humble me into greater awareness.   Committed to developing myself as an impactful teacher, I graduated a 500 RYT advanced training under master teachers, Rolf Gates & Jacqui Bonwell and I practice presence  enabling the space for learning from the felt experience of the world around me.

For my students, I offer safely sequenced classes that will harness your mind to stay present in the moment by challenging you from the outside-in so that you connect with the very best of yourself.  Amidst the challenge my hope is my students will practice letting go of the struggle, relaxing the human nature to grip life and finding steadiness, ease and greater peace in trusting that it’s that place between the pushing forward and standing still that allow the space for feelings of freedom and steady path forward to unfold.  For me, teaching yoga is like a hug between my students & I....   I'll give them my very best & am forever grateful for the feelings of fulfillment in making an impact and leading a life of deep meaning and purpose I experience in return.