Growing stronger & longer from the Outside-In

The moment we wake our mind typically engages the chatter of modern life's to-do list  & we follow it through an obstacle course with a wild effort toremain balanced....   

Yoga reminds us to relax our grip, to slow our modern roll so that we feel our feet on the earth and walk with greater ease.   I teach yoga as a practice that puts space between us & life and that cultivates the strength within ourselves to hold our reactions to life until they  settle & creates the space for a sense of empowerment & ease to lead our walk through life's challenging circumstances with greater happiness and steadier footing.   Join me  for your practice!  Together we'll cultivate the balanced strength & flexibility from your outer world to your world within that transforms the studio of your life!


See you the mat -   Leah  


Private Yoga Instruction, Learn to run (& love it) Training & More

Whether your goals are oriented in building strength, becoming flexible, losing weight, training for road races or managing life's intensities in a healthy way, leaving you with sense of calm and connection to positivity, with a passionate private coach & accountability partner we can work together to create it!  

Private yoga sessions provide you with one on one instruction where the focus is on your needs and goals.  Sessions are typically held in the convenience and comfort of your home.

Private run coaching sessions will provide you with a plan to gradually find that running distances is not only feasible but can be done leaving you wanting more of the happiness that follows it!   Even if you've never run before or have had challenging experiences in the past,  it's more than possible to turn those experiences around.   

Private coaching for wellness with a holistic approach to health through nutrition, yoga, running is an amazing way to take action on your health & wellness.

For more information and rates please send an email to or contact me directly at (603) 300-6425.  

Corporate Yoga Classes

Yoga for corporate employees is a phenomenal way to let employees know their company is truly invested in their people.  Yoga is quickly growing in the corporate world to build employee morale across departments in addition to adding a healthy way of melting work stressors away.  For more information on rates and programs please send an email to or contact me directly at (603) 300-6425.

Yoga classes for everyone & all occasions

If you're interested in getting a group together for a special event such as a bachelorette party or regular yoga sessions for sports teams or a group of friends please send an email to or contact me directly at (603) 300-6425.